Fuck Yeah, Courtney Stodden!


why do u think theres a difference in behaviour between boys & girls? idk i feel the primary cause of behaviour is gender socialisation? what do u think lol

of course it’s socialisation! that’s absolutely correct.

boys and girls are raised, conditioned, and socialized in different ways from the moment the OB/GYN announces what sex the infant is. sometimes it starts pre-birth when parents find out the sex via ultrasound.

from that moment it’s pink, soft, feminine, quiet, ladylike, mannerly, gentle and blue, loud, raucous, roughhousing, manly, spacious, demanding.

tbh she’s just a great person <3

tbh she’s just a great person <3

I'm new to tumblr, is there a way to go back through your archive of posts back to the beginning without literally hitting next page through years of posts?


:) at the top there is an option to go back by month and year.

lololol joking about harassing women to the point of needing protection from law enforcement omg LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney's posted a few photos on her IG of drinks, in wine glasses and cocktail glasses suggesting she's drinking alcohol, when shes obviously under aged. What is your view on this. I would guess she does drink, but I feel it's just more adult things she shouldnt be doing.

I think alcohol laws in the USA are especially weird. Like hey you can go to war and get murdered for your country at eighteen but you definitely can’t have a sip of alcohol!!! So dumb. Plus also when y’all Americans start your partying drinking phase at 21 the rest of us are just like way over it and stuff idk it seems so dumb to me to still be partying and going out every weekend at 21, like I got shit to do at 21! I’m so glad that phase was outta my system by age 20.

ANYWAY if she’s drinking alcoholic beverages in her own home then knock her socks off. She obviously can’t purchase it but if she consumes in the privacy of her home then I’m not gonna bat an eyelash about it. She’s gonna be 20 years old in a few months.

In photos courtney has posted of herself recently, shes wearing her wedding/engagement ring. Do you think it's a sign her and doug may be thinking of getting back together, or she just likes it as a piece of jewellery, or it's to keep people guessing!!

A few people have asked me about this and I really don’t know nor do I want to speculate! Only time will tell and I’m only going to listen to what Courtney says herself :]

Have you seen this interview?


I hadn’t!

She’s so lovely. Urgh. I mean. I do think they were sweet together, overall. Regardless I want the best for both of them.

Whenever a guy comments "just pose naked already" "just do porn already" gross gross gross >:(

Male entitlement :(

I really like Courtney, but her marriage with Doug makes me cringe. I feel like a 51 year old man should never have been allowed to have sex with a 16 yr old legally or otherwise :( Her mother should have protected her from going through such an adult and extreme experience instead of cashing in, even if she thought it would benefit her future career-which it probably has. just seems like a hard situation to recover from. Sexual experiences can effect people so deeply especially at a young age:(

I agree and disagree.

I personally believe that they should have waited for Courtney to turn 18 and that getting married at 16 was inappropriate. But it’s over and done with and we can’t change history now.

On the other point Courtney has been pretty open with the fact that she wanted to remain a virgin until marriage because of her Christianity and that her wedding night was very intimate and rewarding and beautiful for her, and that she doesn’t regret it at all. When she has talked about her intimate life it’s always been with her saying that intimacy has been a rewarding and wonderful experience for her when she was with her husband.

That aside, however, she is very personal and private about her sexuality and I think that’s because of her religious beliefs, and her intimate life is not really up for discussion.